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Are you consider studying in Europe? What usually springs to mind first is the culture, the charm, and the history. Europe is a popular choice for getting an education abroad offering hundreds of thousands of choices including bachelor degrees, masters, PhD, and short-term exchange programs for international students. Europe has been the hub of higher education for centuries. And, for those deciding to study in Europe there is an opportunity to stuy in the language of your preference. The continent is the cradle to some of the most important languages in the world and the Universities offer a wide variety of study programs in different languages, such as in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, or Portuguese. Students may even have the opportunity to study in a bilingual program and become fluent in two languages!

However,  studying in Europe is not just a degree, it’s an unmatched experience. Students in Europe also has the opportunity to travel between countries and explore and experience the rich culture each country has to offer. If you’re thinking of study abroad Europe, we’ve put together a guide to help you get started. 

Tuition Fees in Europe

Firstly, are there free universities in Europe? Europeans enjoy either no tuition fees or very affordable fees for higher education programs. Non-EU students are usually charged either full tuition fees, no fees or moderate fees depending on the program, institution and country. Many European countries offer free tuition fees such as Germany, France, Norway, Austria and Sweden for example. However, although the education is free, the catch is the living costs associated with life in some of these countries such as rent, food and the overall cost of living.

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Study in Europe without IELTS

Have you ever wondered about getting an opportunity to study in Europe without IELTS? Let’s look at some of the European countries offering educational opportunities without the necessity of IELTS. If you have a previous degree in English medium or if you have completed your education from English-speaking countries like UK, Australia, USA, etc in English medium you will be exempted from taking IELTS. Countries where you might be able to study without IELTS include; Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Cyprus, Ireland and The Netherlands. 

It’s important to carefully research and go through the basic eligibility criteria for admission to a certain university. Make sure that your documents support the language criteria required to be eligible for the admission process. As someone who aspires to study in Europe without IELTS, you will be required to submit a certificate proof stating that you have studied English at the Intermediate level.

Why South Americans Chose Spanish Cities

Spain lures approximately thousands of international students each year – and for good reason. Its dynamic cities erupt with inimitable culture, gothic architecture, intoxicating flavors in foods, and an array of abroad programs characterised by intensive language learning opportunities. The Spanish universities are especially popular among Spanish speaking students from South America since there is no language barrier. Some of the most popular Spanish cities among South American students are; Seville, Granada (read out guide to why you should study in Granda), Madrid and Barcelona.

Are you from Brazil looking to study in Portugal?

The two most popular locations where Portugese is spoken are undoubtedly Portugal and Brazil. For Brazilians, Portugal one of Europe’s most progressive and charming countries, is a popular study destination since it allows the students to study in their mother tongue. 

Other reasons why Portugal is popular among Brazilian students include the safety of the country. Portugal is an advance economy in Western Europe and a very safe place to study and to live. Another reason to study in Portugal is the travel opportunities the country presents. Located in the heart of Europe, students can easily and fairly affordably travel to neighbouring countries such as Spain, France, Germany and the UK to name a few countries. Europe is more efficiently interconnected compared to South America which is more vast.

Indian students chose affordable Uk cities such as Portsmouth 

Studying in the UK is a popular choice for Indian students. And, it’s not just London that’s a popular student city, many Indian students consider more affordable cities for their studies such as Portsmouth for example ( Read our guide to studying in Portsmouth). 

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For example, LSI/IH Portsmouth is ranked the joint number one English language school in the UK, and is in the heart of the university area, with most of the city’s main attractions right on our doorstep. After classes, you’ll have ample opportunity to socialise with friends from around the world in nearby cafes, restaurants and parks. There are also many other courses and language centres to chose from. On an English course in Portsmouth, you’re bound to develop the local language skills quickly being surrounded by English speaking people every day. You will also have the opportunity to explore major attractions around the city and the surrounding countryside.

How to find student accommodation in Europe?

If you’ve decided to study in Europe, congratulations! Now, the next step is finding student housing Europe. Student housing in Europe is divided into on-campus housing and off-campus housing. Many Universities in Europe provide their on-campus international student accommodation in Residence halls or flats that include common areas like lounge, TV room, library, or other spaces.

There are plenty of student housing sites and accommodation websites. Regardless of which city you would like to live in, at we can help with cheap student accommodation and student housing Europe. We have a large selection of student rooms, shared apartments, and student studios in Cordoba, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, and short term student accommodation London. Our selection of rooms, studios and apartments are all located in safe and attractive neighbourhoods known to be popular among students and young professionals. Browse through our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us. Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.

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