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How To Become a Host

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1. Create Your Listing For FREE

Add Accommodation your property and receive access to your own personal dashboard.
Upload property photos, information and features and verify your identity.
Or send all your listing details to our team and we will upload it for you.. we try to make things simple for you.

2. Welcome Your Guests

When the student makes a booking request you have 48-hours to respond and accept the booking.

3. Earn Money

Now sit back and relax – let us get bookings in for you. When we receive a booking request, we send it to you and the student is yours to arrange the booking directly with the student. We basically send you leads. When you confirm the student has booked, we send an invoice with our commission fee. That’s it- no cure no pay, easy isn’t it ?


Traditional Agency
Commission fee calculation: 100% 1 month rent
Quality tenants: No tenant cancellation policies
Fast online bookings: In person viewings & Hassle
Booking Process old school booking process
Our Competitors
Commission fee calculation: Between 7,5% and 15% of Booking Value, we are cheaper
Quality tenants: Our competitors do not focus on the verification of tenants, we verify all tenants
Online bookings: Not only focused on students, we only accept students and know the market
Get booked: You are flexible to add deposits, registration fees etc. Our competitors are more strict.

How Student Room Rentals Works

Listing Management

Our user-friendly booking system enables you to fully customise your listing. Features include photos and videos to bring your property to life.

Booking System

Our booking system is designed to sync calendars, sync listings and connect to other platforms to give you 100% control over your rental property management. Your bookings will be delivered straight to your email inbox for you to click and accept.


We charge a commission on the total value of each booking contract. For example, with a 6-month contract, we multiply the monthly rent amount by 6. The commission will be charged on the resulting value and will be deducted only once from the first month’s rent. Or we could discuss a specific commission with you – just what works best for both of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged every month with your 3% commission?

Nope, We only charge a one-time commission fee which will be deducted from your payout of the first month’s rent. We also send you a nice overview of the payout for your admin.

Why do you guys hold a commission fee?

Our fees allow us to operate our platform and services: a dedicated customer support team, secure payment processing, API integrations and fraud detection. We only charge this small commission fee when a tenant successfully books your listing. And remember, at you can list an unlimited number of listings.

Is it possible to pay you? Instead you hold a commission?

Sure! We are all about making life easier 🙂 Do you have a specific API system? we are also happy to integrate that….. No cure, No pay – easy as that!

What happens if a student cancel the booking?

If the tenant cancels within 24 hours of booking your place, they are entitled to a full refund, and we only hold a booking fee of € 50,- and we encourage them to discuss e.g. other dates or other rooms. If they have signed your rental agreement then the student needs to follow your cancellation policies. Therefore, we always encourage you to sign a lease contract soonest with the student when they book. When we receive the booking and payment, we immediately link you to the student.

Are you guys expensive or cheaper compared to other platforms?

Normally other platforms charge between 5% and 15% of the contract value. We proudly can say to be the cheapest out there but having the same service (3%). We prefer to work with you longterm and only work with verified student residences, universities and students. Easy, Safe & Fast…

Do you provide an insurance against damage during tenancy?

We are basically a marketplace and connect a landlord with a student. You as a landlord and the student will be responsible to have an insurance. We also encourage you to have an insurance clause in the lease contract.


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