3 Reasons to consider To Share A Student Room or an apartment

Share a student room? If you’ve been accepted to the university, now it’s time to find a place to live! It can be scary to move cities and even countries and also have to decide where you want to live. Whether you’re a first or a third-year student, finding a new home can be stressful. 

Before starting to look for your new student accommodation you’ll need to decide if you’re going to go for your own studio or if you’re going to share a student room or an apartment. 

The norms for student housing will differ depending on where in the world you’re attending university. While many European schools don’t offer university accommodation, it’s a very common practice in places like the UK and North America. At some universities, living on-campus, or in a university dorm is standard. At other schools, students may be responsible for securing their own, independent, off-campus housing, which isn’t actually associated with the school at all. Many students prefer to share accommodation in order to minimise housing expenses. There are plenty of websites listing student house share such as flatmate finder. For landlords who offer student room share, they can list their student spare room here. 

However, let’s establish precisely what is meant by shared student accommodation. Essentially, this refers to all kinds of student accommodation – including flats, houses, and halls of residence – which contain two or more rooms, and where communal facilities are shared with other students. 

If you’re craving the freedom that comes with living away from home, shared student accommodation offers an easy path to independence. Going straight from living with family to having your own place can be daunting, but shared accommodation is the ideal compromise. You’ll still have housemates, but without many of the constraints that come with calling your parents’ place home.

Living together with other students is also a great way to quickly make new friends which can help with homesickness. It can also be a great way to socialise, study, cook together and, of course, have epic house parties. We’ve rounded up the top three reasons why you should consider shared student accommodation. 

Save Money by sharing a student room

The cost of living is no joke these days, particularly in major cities where the rental market can be extremely competitive and with rising electricity costs around the world. Full-time students often have an especially hard time making ends meet so rather than paying rent and bills by yourself, shared housing is a great way to reduce the cost of living. If you are a couple or classmates, sharing a student room or an apartment will lower your rent significantly. Not only will the rent be more affordable, but you will most likely also save money on utility bills such as electricity, Wi-Fi, water, and, if you are studying in the UK – council tax. In addition, living together with other students can also help you save when it comes to your food bills. Cooking meals together is common when living together with others and by cooking together and sharing food, you will end up saving money. 

However, if you are happy to share communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom with other students, you still need to think about the number of people you are willing to share with, as there is a major difference between sharing with two other people, and sharing with five or six other people

Safety –  share with other girls 

When studying at university as a girl, safety is something that should always be a consideration. Finding a safe neighbourhood to live in is key and many girls also opt for sharing an apartment together for an extra sense of security. Many students prefer same-sex student accommodation and girls-only shared student flats are common all over Europe. Living together with other girls is a great idea for those wanting to go out partying since there is always an opportunity to share a taxi back home together. 

Your Social Life Becomes More Fun

Shared flats are a great place to meet new students from the day you arrive and start making friends. Together, you can go to social events, and get to know each other better. 

It makes the entire social experience easier as you don’t need to go out to meet new friends – they are already in the flat, right there! 

Cons With Shared Student Accommodation

Although there are many pros to sharing a student room or a flat with other students, there are also a few cons to be aware of. Perhaps the most annoying thing most students report from living together is the fights over facilities. Your housemate might be hogging the bathroom for over an hour when you desperately need to use the toilet. Learning to compromise is a part of growing up, but it’s easy for frustrations to boil over in shared accommodation. If you can’t stand the thought of sharing certain parts of your living space such as the kitchen and bathroom with other people, you might be better off living in your studio. 

Another con is the potential leasing complexities that can arise if someone decides to move out. 

Are you and your housemates thinking of managing your property’s lease without the help of an agent? This might sound like a good idea, but rental leases can involve complex logistics. If someone leaves unexpectedly you may need to cover the cost of their rent until a replacement can be found. There’s also the issue of dividing up bond payments and covering the cost of any damage done to the property.

Shared Student Accommodation 

When you’ve decided to study abroad and you’ve been accepted to a university, it’s essential for you to look for student accommodation that meets your criteria before moving in. There are plenty of student accommodation options. Although the traditional university halls and student residence London still remain the favorite for many first-timers, there has been a significant rise in privately renting shared student accommodation.

At studentroomrentals.com we can help with shared student accommodation. We have a large selection of student rooms and shared apartments such as these shared accommodation options in Barcelona. Browse our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free, and safe it is to book with us. Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.


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