Have you heard of Kaunas? A cheap hidden gem in Lithuania for students

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Study in Kaunas ? Have you heard of Kaunas in Lithuania?

With over 7,000 international students studying there each year, Lithuania is becoming a more and more popular study abroad location. Students come from over 150 countries to study there.

Lithuania is a great place for travellers looking to visit the Baltic nations and beyond, as it is situated along the Baltic Sea and has good transport connections to all major cities in Europe.

This article will help you prepare for what to expect from Lithuanian university life in Kaunas, including the city’s culture, housing fees, and living expenses.

Is Kaunas a big city?

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and was the former capital during the interwar period. The city is located in the middle of the country, at the crossing point of the main motorways and railway routes. This historic city was established in the 14th century as a cosy old town at the confluence of two rivers (the Nemunas and the Neris).

The city is 157 km2 in area and has a population of over 300,000. With 13 higher education institutions and over 40,000 thousand students, Kaunas is a student city.

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The best universities and colleges in, and around Kaunas – Study in Kaunas

There are five main colleges and universities in or near the Kaunas area. They are;  Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, and Vytautas Magnus University.

A city with great public transport making it easy (and affordable) to get around

Red and green buses make up Kaunas’s easy-to-use public transport system. There are three ways to buy bus tickets: from the driver directly, with a Žiogas card, or through the żiogas app on your smartphone. A single bus ticket costs €0.35-0.50, while a monthly ticket with a student ID costs €5.60. You can find every bus route using the Trafi app.

With its train station and intercity bus station, Kaunas makes it simple to travel to other Lithuanian cities. Train travel from Kaunas to Vilnius, the capital, costs €3.30–3.85, while bus travel costs €4–4.50 for students. It’s only an hour and a half’s travel time.

The city also boasts a sophisticated bicycle network.

World-class culture and entertainment

In 2022, Kaunas was designated as the European Capital of Culture, and the Baltic city has a lot to offer when it comes to both culture and entertainment. From historic buildings to an impressive nightlife, this cool Lithuanian city has it all to keep international students entertained.

Do I need to know the local language to study in Kaunas?

“Do I need to speak the local language to study there?” is one of the first concerns that students have when they decide to study abroad. Every nation has its own standards for the language of instruction, and occasionally even universities have them. To find out if a language certificate is required to study at the university, students should get in touch with them. Certain nations have English-language study programmes and international courses, but you’ll probably need to provide documentation of your English language skills. Four language proficiency tests are required to obtain an English language certificate, such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). These tests include reading, listening, and speaking.


An affordable city

Where you study can have a big impact on the cost of living. Students should think about the local cost of living in addition to tuition, which includes things like accommodation, food, and social activities. Kaunas is ranked 352 out of 515 cities worldwide for cost of living, with a score of 43.82 on the most recent Numbeo Cost of Living Index. The higher the ranking, the more costly the cost of living is.

Monthly cost of living for one person in Total: €405 (without rent)

  • Food: €230 (Lunch: €4–€10, Coffee: €3, Beer: €4)
  • Rent: €95-210 (Dormitory), €200-330 (Apartment)
  • Transport: €5.60 – €35
  • Leisure time: Cinema Ticket – €6-8, Gym Membership – €30
  • Basketball ticket: from €3
  • Billiards: €6.90–€9.20


Student Accommodation in Kaunas

So, you’ve decided to study in Kaunas – congratulations! Now it’s time to find the right student accommodation in Kaunas. When you’re an international student in Kaunas, finding a home away from home is not that difficult, there are plenty of options. Although accommodations of all types are available in abundance throughout Kaunas, it’s important to ensure you find a place that suits all your requirements. Students have the option of staying at student residences, or they can opt to live in an apartment. Most students share with existing students or look for shared apartments. Depending on the location and type of accommodation you choose, rental prices may vary but are in general more affordable than many other European cities.

Kaunas | Two Bedroom Apartment from 809€ / month

This apartment is tailor-made for friends looking to create their own cozy co-living space. Inside, you’ll discover two separate bedrooms and a communal area where both residents can study and unwind. It’s a spacious haven that lets you feel right at home while having your buddy just a few steps away. Opt for this choice and personalize it to your heart’s content.

Private bathroom (with WC, shower & sink)
Private kitchenette (with fridge & freezer, induction stove, microwave, utensils, dishes & cutlery)
Set of furniture (bed with 90 x 200 cm mattress, wardrobe, studying desk, chair, etc.)
Bedroom & bathroom textile (pillows, blankets, bed linen, and towels are available for purchase at reception)

Please note that each room is equipped the same, but might differ in design, color, and layout.

Long Term: from 809€ / month


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