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Liverpool Student Life: Where to study, live and things to do

Liverpool student life, Liverpool a city in North West England, is famous for its unique accents (Liverpudlian), friendly people, football, and of course musical exports such as The Beatles (It’s even in Guinness World Records as the world’s ‘Capital City of Pop’). Liverpool is also a key UK city with a diverse and vibrant culture […]

IELTS Exam – How not to sweat it and how pass with flying colours

IELTS exam ? If you’ve decide to study abroad or to get a job, you might have come across the common IELTS test which is a requirement among many universities and workplaces worldwide for non-native English speakers.  It might feel daunting to sit the exam since you probably would like to score well in the […]

Student Life Toronto – Everything You Need To Know

Student life Toronto ? Canada is becoming increasingly popular among international students. The country has witnessed a steep increase in the number of study permit holders, and Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the most popular cities for students looking to study abroad. In fact, a recent study listed Toronto as the best city to study […]

Student Life New York: The ultimate student guide

Student life New York ? It’s one of the world’s most well-known and dazzling cities – a statement most people would agree with. There’s a good reason why New York is known as “the city that never sleeps”, the city’s culture and metropolitan lifestyle makes it an exciting and dynamic hotspot for people from all […]

How to create a budget plan for students

Budget plan for students ? There’s lots to think about when you go to university, and especially if you are in international student relocating to a new country, sorting out your budget is a top priority. Currently many countries are suffering from inflations and rising student loans which means having a solid budget has nevere […]

Study in California | The full student guide

Dreaming of study in California? Famous for its warm weather, coastal beaches, and famous cities, California occupies a unique place in American culture. The state may be better known for Hollywood and Silicon Valley, but several colleges in California rank among the best in the country. Elite institutions like Stanford, University of California, Berkeley, and […]

How to adapt to UK culture as an international student

How to adapt to UK culture ? Are you looking to study in London? The benefits of studying abroad are endless and international students from all around the world flock to the UK for their higher education (read our guide for Indian students studying in the UK). By studying in the U.K., you can gain […]

Studying in Australia – A full Guide for international students

Studying in Australia ? It’s is one of the favourite study destinations for students all over the world, and known globally as one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries. Of Australia’s 24 million population, almost half of all Australians were either born overseas or have one parent born overseas, with more than 260 […]

Why You Should Consider An Internship In Lisbon

Internship Lisbon ? The capital of Portugal, has over the past few years become an international hotspot for both students and expats. Lisbon is perfectly situated on the coast and boasts great views from its hilly streets. Known for its beautiful architecture, decorative ceramic tiles and colorful buildings, Lisbon is the oldest city in Western […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Asia

Study in Asia ? With Asia’s booming economy more and more international students, as well as local students, make the decision to study in Asia.  And with a tropical climate, mouthwatering food, white sandy beaches, rich culture, vibrant cities and an outstanding educational system, what’s not to love about Asia? 1. Get to know the […]

Why is the UK flag called The Union Jack?

The national flag of the United Kingdom is also commonly known as the Union Jack, and is perhaps one of the most recognised flags in the world. It’s featured on coffee mugs, draped at the back of jeans jackets and on buntings for special celebrations. It’s the UK flag most people are familiar with.  Before […]

What is the difference between honours and a non-honours degree?

Deciding on a University degree can be tricky, not to mention where (in which country) to study. Whether you want to apply for pre-university institutions, or go straight to university and get your dream degree, the sky’s the limit. However, with a plethora of various degrees, things can become slightly complicated. For example, you might […]

Where to live in Tokyo as a student ? Top 4 student areas

The 4 best student neighbourhoods in Tokyo where to live in Tokyo? Thinking about studying in Tokyo and wondering what student life will be like in the Japanese capital? There’s no doubt Tokyo is one of the coolest cities in the world with its buzzing nightlife, delicious food, bohemian cafes, beautiful parks and outstanding universities […]

Where to live in Dubai as a student : Top 5 areas

Where to live in Dubai as a student? Then you aren’t alone. Every year thousands of students from all over the world come to Dubai for higher education. The world-famous glitzy city is ionic and apart from quality universities, there are endless options to have a great time as a student. Dubai is among the […]

Our Student Guide to Dubai

Dreaming of studying in Dubai? Then you aren’t alone. Every year thousands of students from all over the world come to Dubai for higher education. The world-famous glitzy city is ionic and apart from quality universities, there are endless options to have a great time as a student. Dubai is among the fastest-growing world economies […]

Why You Should Consider An Internship In Barcelona

If you are looking for a metropolitan, vibrant city with a unique flair, look no further than the heart of Catalonia in Spain. World-famous for its football team and architecture, Barcelona, home to more than 5 million people, is one of the most popular cities in Spain for study abroad students (check out our Barcelona […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Do An Internship In Dublin

Internship In Dublin ? When you hear the word Dublin you might immediately think of Guiness and St Patrick’s Day! And sure, the Dubliners sure know how to throw a party (with 1000 pubs in the city it would be weird if they didn’t), but there are more things to the historical city.  With it’s […]

Why an internship in London will set you up for success

London’s calling! Add a feather to your hat by doing an internship London. London is one of the most influential cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. It’s a fast-paced, international hub with a competitive environment and edge. Whether you’re an undergraduate student, a graduate or a young professional, doing an internship […]

Why you should consider living in Wembley, London

Student accommodation Wembley ? Studying and living in central London can be expensive. Rent especially is considered extremely high in central London. However, if you are looking for a vibrant yet affordable place to live in London, then Wembley might be your answer. With close transport connections to central London, the small town famous for […]

Our Guide To Studying in Tokyo

Student accommodation in Tokyo ? Thinking about studying in Tokyo and wonder what the student life will be in the Japanese capital? Firstly, Tokyo is full of friendly people, and has a complex and interesting culture, rich history, delicious food (sushi anyone?), and a well regarded education system. Tokyo is a global city, with a […]

How to find the perfect student accommodation in Australia, all you need to know

student accommodation in Australia ? Australia is one of the favourite study destinations for students all over the world. And, if you’ve decided to study in Australia you’ve probably already realised it’s a massive country, in fact, it’s an entire continent. So in order to find the perfect student accommodation in Australia, if you plan […]

6 Reasons To Study in Adelaide in South Australia

Study in Adelaide ? Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and is the fifth most populated city in Australia. The city is a gateway to some of Australia’s best wine country and home to some of Australia’s best restaurants, hotels, festivals, wines, gins and beaches. It’s the perfect place for foodies who also […]

5 Great Reasons To Study In Perth As An International Student

The Life In Perth Is Great! Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and has a population of close to 2 million people. The city is world-known for being the most isolated city in the world and is surrounded by unspoiled beautiful nature. The Indian Ocean sits on the city’s left side and the […]

5 Great Reasons To Study In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, and Australia’s second-largest city. Home to many of Australia’s best-known landmarks, such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the National Gallery of Victoria, the city is often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital. Noted for its cultural heritage, the city gave rise to Australian rules football, Australian impressionism […]

Study in Copenhagen: Our international student guide to the Danish capital

Copenhagen, is a hidden treasure. While London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona are all popular study abroad cities, Copenhagen is often overlooked when it has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, activities, and — of course, educational opportunities.  So, if you want to study in Copenhagen where the people are happy and the […]

Barcelona student life: a city guide

More and more international students are flocking to Barcelona for their studies every year. With almost 200,000 students, Barcelona is one of the biggest university cities in Europe and the city’s universities appear at the top of some of the most recognised European rankings. But there are several other things to attract thousands of international […]

Study in Spain: a guide for Latin American students

There are several advantages of studying in Spain if you are from Latin-America. Apart from the obvious language advantage there are plenty of additional reasons why Spain is a great student destination. Spain is one of the most popular study destinations among European countries to pursue a degree for international students. It’s the ideal destination […]

Study abroad: the experience of a lifetime

Study Abroad ? It might sound cliche, but studying abroad can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The opportunity to pursue your academics in a foreign country allows you to not only travel, but also live as a local and immerse yourself in a new culture. Plus, studying abroad is the best way to learn a […]

What are the best paying student jobs abroad?

With the summer months in full swing, many students use their free time between their studies to work and gain valuable experience whilst still at university. Not only is it a great way to fill up the bank accounts for the upcoming uni semester, but it’s also a great way to add credentials to your […]

Studying in Portugal? Here are the best areas to live in Lisbon for studens

Best areas to live in lisbon ? The capital of Portugal, has over the past few years become an international hotspot for both students and expats. And with one of Europe’s lowest crime rates, plenty of sunshine, beautiful architecture and a relaxing way of life, it’s not hard to see why. The city centre is […]

3 Reasons to consider To Share A Student Room or an apartment

Share a student room? If you’ve been accepted to the university, now it’s time to find a place to live! It can be scary to move cities and even countries and also have to decide where you want to live. Whether you’re a first or a third-year student, finding a new home can be stressful.  […] ‘s guide to studying in Europe

Are you consider studying in Europe? What usually springs to mind first is the culture, the charm, and the history. Europe is a popular choice for getting an education abroad offering hundreds of thousands of choices including bachelor degrees, masters, PhD, and short-term exchange programs for international students. Europe has been the hub of higher […]

What are the best luxury student rentals in London?

Luxury student rentals london ? Did you know London’s students make up only 5% of the city’s mammoth population? But according to a recent poll, London is considered the second best city in the world for students.  Looking for luxury student rentals London? The capital city of England is what you can call the ultimate […]

7 Free Things To Do in London For Students

Being a student often means being on a shoestring budget when it comes to entertainment. However, if you are lucky enough to be living and studying in London, the cosmopolitan city is well-known for the many free things students, locals and travellers can enjoy regularly. Although known as one of the most expensive cities in […]

What are the Summer Internship benefits?

Summer Internship benefits? well I prefer to chill at the beach… or should you focus on your future during the well deserved summer holidays ? Summer internships are a great way to gain extra experience and connect with international students. You can also get extra work experience to help you decide what you want to […]

Why should I study abroad? 7 Reasons why it’s a must

There are many reasons why you should study abroad, including the opportunity to learn new things, experience different cultures, and make new friends. Here are just a few of the best reasons to take your studies overseas: 1. You’ll learn new things When you study in a foreign country, you’ll be exposed to new ideas […]

The Student App Toolkit – 5 types of apps every student should download

Being a student is a full-time job! Going to university is exciting but can also be a daunting time. Not only will the actual studies take up a lot of your time, there are also student parties, social activities and sports to factor in. And, there’s cooking, how do you stay healthy on a diet […]

4 Tips On How To Cope With Anxiety At University

Anxiety is something that affects most of us at some point in our lives. To a greater or lesser extent, we all experience anxiety from time to time. It’s not too uncommon for students to experience some sort of anxiety when going to University. There are lots of changes, meeting new friends, studying new subjects, […]

How to find student accommodation in Europe

International students are increasingly seeing Europe as a favourite destination for their “Study Abroad’ adventure. Every year, millions of international students flock to Europe to study. From the UK, Spain, France and Italy to Greece, Germany and Portugal, Europe is the place to be. However, if you are from another continent and want to study […]

Our Study Guide To Portsmouth UK

Portsmouth is a historic city in the UK with a population of 216585 with around 20,000 university students, many from different countries around the world, making it a vibrant and fun melting pot of different cultures and people. Portsmouth has become a popular student city due to its affordability, friendly locals known around the world […]

Study English language courses in the UK

Learning a language fluently takes effort and most international students that choose to study in the UK instead of deciding on another study destination say the English language is one of the top reasons. As many people would attest, it helps to be in the country of the language you are studying. So if you’ve […]

Considering an internship abroad in 2022, this is what you need to know

Internship Abroad ? If you have finished your international studies but would like to continue your dream adventure abroad, you might have considered doing an internship abroad? The reasons to intern abroad are endless. Paid internships offer an opportunity to gain working experience while exposing yourself to new places, people and cultures. We are living […]

7 Reasons You Should Study in Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the most spectacular cities in southern Spain. It is a popular city for hikers, museum enthusiasts, history buffs, and architecture lovers, in addition to international students, who are flocking to one of Spain’s most affordable student cities. Situated in Andalucia in the South of Spain at the foot of the Sierra […]

Ultimate Guide study in the UK for Indian students

Are you looking to study in London? The benefits of studying abroad are endless and India is the second non-EU country sending the most students to the UK, currently, a total of 84,555 students. And, the number of Indian students in UK will continue to grow. By studying in the U.K, you can gain access […]

Why Cordoba Spain Is The Perfect Erasmus Student City

Spain is one of the most popular countries for Erasmus students in the whole of Europe and it’s not difficult to see why. With he sunny climate, tasty tapas, friendly locals, endless fiestas, and (siestas if you are in the southern part of the country), there are so many things to love about Spain. If […]

What is the ERASMUS Programme and are you eligible?

Have you ever wanted to study abroad? Dreamed of experiencing a foreign culture, meeting new people, and learning a foreign language? Have you ever been excited to get to know international students and make new friends from all around the world? Have you ever thought about setting yourself up to have better chances while looking […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Study In Seville

Why Seville is one of Europe’s best student cities Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish) is the capital of the Spanish region and province of Andalusia. It has a population of around 700,000, making it the fourth largest city in Spain and a city packed with history, heritage, culture. Although being a European city, Seville is […]

5 Reasons why Madrid student life is the best in Europe

A Student Guide to Living in Madrid – one of Europe’s best student cities Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is located right in the center of the country and is undoubtedly a vibrant world-class city that’s extremely student-friendly. Over the years, Madrid has proven to be a thriving and international metropolitan city and a […]

Why Barcelona is one of Europe’s top student cities

If you are looking for a metropolitan, vibrant city with a unique flair, look no further than the heart of Catalonia in Spain. World-famous for its football team and architecture, Barcelona, home to more than 5 million people, is one of the most popular cities in Spain for study abroad students and has been rated […]

Student Life In London: The Ultimate City Guide

Student life in London ? The UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations to study higher education. Going to University in the UK is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, experience a new culture, and enjoy a new experience. UK qualifications are recognised and respected throughout the world and […]

How to live as a student in Italy

Student life in Italy Bon Giorno! Enjoying your student life in Italy will bring you a lifetime experience. Europe’s favorite nation, Italy is a country of diverse beauty, culture, and history. From the Alps in the North to coastal beaches in the South and everything in between, choosing to study abroad in Italy will give […]

5 tips to make money with a spare room

Making extra money with your spare room How can I make money with my spare room? Your kids moved out the house or you are a bachelor and have an extra bedroom. This empty space could turn into a money making machine and this article will give you all the information you need to know. […]

Rental Property: 8 ways to find your tenant

How to find a tenant for your rental accommodation You own a real estate property or you have a spare room, but curious how to get those tenants? Curious about how to find tenants to fill your vacant rental property? There are plenty of tried and true secrets that will help landlords and property managers […]


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