The Ultimate Guide To Student Life: Malaga, Spain

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Student life malaga ? With 570,000 inhabitants Malaga is the sixth most populous in Spain. The stunning seaside city is located at the Costa del Sol right on the Mediterranean Sea making it a wonderful place for sunseekers. 

And, in addition to fantastic climate, an international airport, affordable student accommodation and a top-class university, there’s never been a better time to study in Malaga as now. The southern Spanish city and capital of the Malaga province in the region of Andalucia has in recent years become an increasingly popular and important city among innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs. 

In recent years several big tech corporations have based their offices here and there’s also a booming startup ecosystem among entrepreneurs, especially in the Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and data science spaces. So if the upcoming Spanish city is on your radar, we’ve put together a guide to what student life is in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city…

Malaga, a modern yet historic city 

Málaga is a modern, exciting, and cosmopolitan city. Located directly by the sea, the quality of life in Málaga is extremely high with beautiful beaches and sunshine all year around.

Famous for being the hub of Costa del Sol, Málaga has its own international airport and is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destination. The city offers beaches, hiking, architectural sites, art museums, great shopping, and excellent cuisine. And, for those looking to explore the rest of the cost including Marbella, Estepona, Mijas, Nerja and Gibraltar, all locations are just a short car ride away. 

The historic city is full of historical and cultural attractions in its old town and is also the birthplace of famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (there’s even a dedicated museum to the world-famous artist).

The locals are known for being very friendly and there is a social atmosphere making it easy for interntioanl students to get to know each other. With a plethora of bars, restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, students have plenty to chose from when it comes to entertainment. Malaga is also becoming an increasingly international city with people from all over the world who are flocking to the city for either work, studies, or retirement. Most students settle in very quickly while studying abroad in Málaga and feel at home from the very first day. 

Why Malaga is popular among international and Erasmus students

There are many reasons why Malaga is quickly becoming one of the most popular Erasmus student cities in Europe.

Firstly the city is relatively affordable compared to other Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. Although rents have increased over the years it’s still cheaper to rent a flat or student room here compared to many other main cities around Europe.

International students also love the fact that the city is both historical yet has a super modern vibe with a buzzing nightlight, great restaurants and plenty of wi-fi friendly bars and coffee shops. Malaga has become a digital nomad hotspot which has seen a lot of younger people setting up a temporary home which is adding to the electric and vibrant atmosphere.

Many international students also love the size of the city. It’s big yet it’s not massive. It’s easy to get around the most places can be reached by foot including the popular beach.

How affordable is Malaga compared to other European cities?

Get more bang for your buck! With a rise in inflation and cost of living, knowing how much you have to spend a student is becoming increasingly important when deciding on where to study.

Málaga is a very affordable student city. The cost of living in Málaga is roughly 56% lower when compared to other well-known student cities like Barcelona or Amsterdam. Typically, you’ll require €600 per month to live comfortably as a student. Rent will consume the largest amount of funds. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, the average monthly rent for a single room in Málaga ranges from €300 to €400. You should budget an average of €100 for groceries and €100 for entertainment each month. Leisure costs can range from €10 to €15 per meal for eating out, €1 on average for a pint of beer, €8 to see a movie in a theater, €34 for a gym membership, and more. Students also gain from reduced public transportation.

A city where history meets modern living 

Málaga is a young, energetic, and diverse city with a rich history. You will have the opportunity to reside in one of the world’s oldest cities if you choose to do so in Malaga. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to reside in world-famous artist Picasso’s birthplace. Famous attractions include Picasso Museum, Old Town, the Roman Amphitheatre Remains, the Fortress of Alcazaba, and Mirador du Gibralfaro if you want to immerse yourself in art and culture. You’ll also get to experience what it’s like to live in a modern and vibrant city. In addition to having Spain’s third-largest airport and a thriving seaport, Málaga is a forward-thinking, modern city. Through the street art in Soho, you can also see how trendy and modern Malaga is.

Every day of the week, Málaga’s students know how to have a good time, and you can enjoy some of the city’s best nightlife. You can’t help but take in Málaga’s vibrant nightlife as an international or Erasmus student as you stroll through the buzzing streets, bars, and clubs resounding with music, conversation, and laughter. The La Malagueta neighborhood and the bars Bakkano, Merced 14, and Camden Lock are popular with Erasmus students if you want to have a laid-back night out. You can go to Andén, the largest club in Málaga, or other renowned clubs like Sala Gold and Bubbles to continue your night of clubbing. Regardless of how you prefer to spend your evenings or

Enjoy Delicious Spanish Food

In Malaga you’ll find a vibrant culinary scene with roots in both tradition and innovation. There is delicious food available for everyone, regardless of your eating preferences or student budget. Of course, you can sample traditional Spanish dishes like Paella, Churros, Patats Bravas, and Tortilla.
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But Málaga also provides some locally produced dishes that are affordable for students. Given that Málaga is located by the Mediterranean Sea, seafood lovers will find it to be a paradise there. You can order fried fish on a platter called Fritura Malaguea, fresh prawns called Gambas a Pil-Pil, white fish soup called Gazpachuelo, or fresh prawns called Fritura Malaguea. Try out one of the many international restaurants in Malaga if you’re missing home, and choose from dishes like Lebanese, Japanese, Indian, American, etc.

Málaga’s the perfect city size – not too small and not too big

Málaga is a small city, so getting around is easy whether you choose to walk or take the city’s public transportation. Knowing that the city is the perfect size will allow you to visit your favorite areas while continuing to discover new locations and activities. Additionally, you have access to the third-largest airport in Spain, which will transport you to other parts of Spain and the rest of the world.

University of Málaga for top class education 

The University of Málaga, or simply UMA, is the only university in Málaga. Its name is Universidad de Málaga. Since its founding in 1972, the University of Málaga has remained dedicated to research, scientific advancements, innovation, and internationalization with the goal of becoming a top-tier institution. Today, UMA is a young, vibrant university with two campuses: Teatinos and El Ejido. Over 40,000 local and foreign students, including 7% international students, attend classes at these two campuses. In the end, choosing to study in this city is an easy decision. Studying here, whether for a full course or an exchange semester, will be worthwhile because you’ll be surrounded by history, culture, delicious food, and welcoming people.

Student Accommodation Malaga

So, you’ve decided to study in Malaga – congratulations! Now it’s time to find the right student accommodation Malaga. When you’re an international student in Malaga, finding a home away from home is not that difficult, there are plenty of options.  Although accommodations of all types are available in abundance throughout Malaga, it’s important to ensure you find a place that suits all your requirements. Students have the option of staying at student residences, or they can opt to live in an apartment. Most students share with existing students or look for shared apartments. Depending on the location and type of accommodation you choose, rental prices may vary but are in general more affordable than many other European cities.

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