Student Guide To Study in Nottingham Nottingham: why you should consider this British city

University of Nottingham

Study in Nottingham ? Most people will know Nottingham as the home of Robin Hood. And if you’ve decided to study in English historical city it can also become your home. 

Nottingham dates back to 600AD, so it’s no surprise that as well as being packed with historic pubs and venues, it was voted England’s most haunted city in 2013, spokey! However, it’s probably unlikely you’ll run into to ghost so don’t let that put you off. 

Nottingham is famous for its friendly locals, and is the second largest in the East Midlands after Leicester.It’s home to two universities – Nottingham Trend University and University of Nottingham. 

And other attractions include the National Ice Centre, the National Water Sports Centre, two large theatres and a famous test cricket ground which makes it an exciting city. Nottingham was also voted Transport City of the Year in 2011, thanks to its trams, trains and the largest publicly owned bus network in the UK. This makes Nottingham the perfect hub for affordable and easy travel all around the country. 

Nottingham also has a buzzing nightlife scene, great food and of course rich culture. So if you’re considering making Nottingham your student city, our guide is listing some of the top reasons why Robin Hood’s city should be your choice.  

Highly regarded universities

The city’s two universities have both been recognised for their teaching excellence and count many recognisable faces among their alumni. Nottingham Trent University (or NTU) is more central, while the University of Nottingham’s University Park Campus is just a 20-minute ride from the city centre by public transport – plus free shuttle buses run between the university’s campuses, making your day-to-day travel much easier.
University of Nottingham

A Buzzing Student Nightlife

Nottingham is a great city for socialising, having fun and meeting new people, making it a fantastic student city.

Nottingham hosts an impressive variety of clubs, bars and pubs  to suit all tastes and budgets. Some of the most popular places include; Ocean, Rock City, Oceana,  Stealth, Rescue Rooms, Brickworks, and NG1, to name just a few. Many of the clubs and bars on offer in the city centre have dedicated student nights which means lower entrance price and cheaper drinks.

Plenty Of Adventure In Nature

If partying isn’t your scene and you’re craving a more tranquil place to spend your free time and crave fresh ai, Nottingham offers some of the most beautiful scenery and nature in the UK, all just a short trip from your student accommodation. We’ve listed some key areas worth checking out for a beautiful weekend escape;

The Sherwood Forest  

According to its website, this is the place “Where Legends Grow”. Embrace your inner Robin Hood and go exploring through this ancient and mystical woodland. Walk through this mystical forest and stop at The Major Oak, a tree believed to be over 1000 years old, we can only imagine what it has seen over the years. 

If you prefer to raise the pulse both cycling and running is also possible. The main website has all information you need on planning your walks, providing free maps and other details of what events are on.  

Wollaton Hall 

For film buffs, a visit to Wollaton Hall is a must. Famously featuring as Wayne Manor in the Batman film, The Dark Night Rises, Wollaton Hall is a stunning Grade I Elizabethan Manor with a sprawling deer park on the grounds. Check out their website for more information since the hall itself has regular exhibitions within their museum as well as regular concerts and other events held here.
university Nottingham

Great Public Transport

Nottingham was voted Transport City of the Year in 2011, thanks to its trams, trains and the largest publicly owned bus network in the UK. 

Nottingham is also ranked as one of the best cities in the UK for cycling. Details of cycle paths and a useful route finder tool can be found on the Council website

The progressive city has also recently introduced e-scooters that can be rented via a mobile app, making it a breeze getting around the city. 

Many students use the city buses to get around the centre and the bus schedules and timetables can be found at .

Nottingham also boasts an extensive and modern tram network to get you around the city centre as well as outside of the city. The Net website includes all the information you need including a journey planner and discount student passes.

Many students especially love the well-connect train lines. Nottingham has connections to most of the UK’s major cities, which means students can easily travel to all the UK cities easily and conveniently. It’s perfect for day trips to all parts of the UK making it easy to explore the rest of the UK. 

Student Accommodation Nottingham

With it’s rich history and endless opportunities, Nottingham is an excellent city to kick-start your career.

When you’ve decided to do your internship or study in Nottingham, it’s essential for you to look for student accommodation that meets your criteria before moving in. There are plenty of Nottingham student accommodation options. Although the traditional university halls and student residence Nottingham still remain the favourite for many first-timers, there has been a significant rise in privately renting your student accommodation in Nottingham.

We’ve rounded up a few accommodation options you can pick from as a student in Nottingham, including this en-suite serviced apartment and this studio. 

University Hotels are usually most popular among undergraduate students in their first year. It can be a comfortable stay for students who prefer living inside the university campus and it also makes it convenient to go to class and also to make new friends from all around the world. Some university hotels provide meals including full board and some don’t. 

At we can help with student accommodation in Nottingham. We have a large selection of student rooms, shared apartments, and private studios Nottingham.. Browse through our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us.

Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.

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