The Ultimate Guide to Brisbane’s Student Life

Brisbane student life ? Are you thinking of studying in Brisbane, Australia? Congratulations! 

Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State of Australia, has Brisbane as its capital. With more than 20% of its 2.2 million residents born outside of Australia, this stunning metropolis is home to a vibrant and culturally varied population.

It is a well-liked city for international students who want to study in Australia since there are many prestigious colleges to select from as well as a diverse range of cultures, cuisines, and communities to explore.

Because it serves as the entryway to attractions like the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Daintree Forest, and the Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane is a fantastic student city to pick if you want to explore some of Australia’s most amazing natural features. A wide variety of outdoor activities, access to Australia’s natural wonders, and an infinite supply of things to see or do are all enticing features of the city.

Brisbane is one of the most well-liked options in Australia for international students since it has a low cost of living in comparison to other Australian cities, more sunny days than any other state capital, and a great reputation for safety.

Brisbane’s Location

Brisbane enjoys being substantially closer to the rest of Asia than other state capitals on that side of Australia due to its location roughly halfway along the country’s eastern coast.

You can quickly travel to a huge selection of beaches and other coastal scenery if you live in Brisbane. Additionally, you’ll be in a convenient midpoint between the bustling cities of Melbourne and Sydney to the south and the tropical rainforests of northern Australia.

More over 15% of Brisbane’s population speaks a language other than English at home, and more than a fifth of its citizens were born outside of Australia. Brisbane is noted for its variety.

This diversity helps to create an amazing city culture where many ethnicities and cultures interact in fascinating ways.

Brisbane’s Universities

You may discover a wide variety of study opportunities across a wide range of subjects in Brisbane thanks to the presence of three renowned universities, giving you the chance to graduate with a credential that is recognized throughout the world.

An institution of higher learning with a stellar reputation for research and instruction is The University of Queensland. Over 22,000 international students attend this university, which is rated 47th in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2022).

There, you can pick from 116 different undergraduate or more than 200 distinct postgraduate degrees. It is the university in Australia with the highest teaching awards, and people throughout the world value its degrees.

At the forward-thinking Queensland University of Technology, you can get a degree that is industry-focused and hone the abilities you’ll need for success in the twenty-first century. Innovative facilities, a network of alumni from throughout the world, and influential interdisciplinary research are just a few of the things you may find there.

Despite being located on the neighboring Gold Coast, Griffith University also maintains a campus in the south of Brisbane that provides a variety of academic opportunities. Within 50 years of its founding, this outstanding university gained recognition as a rapidly expanding and ambitious institution by ranking among the top 50 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings: Top 50 Under 50, 2021).

Brisbane’s transportation – how to get around the city

Brisbane boasts an excellent public transportation system that includes buses, trains, and ferries that cross the Brisbane River right into the middle of the city. TransLink Go Cards, which may be purchased and filled with cash at airports, train stations, or some stores, can be used on all forms of public transportation. The airport in the city makes it simple to travel to other regions of the nation or to receive guests from around the globe.

Brisbane student life: What’s the food and entertainment scene in Brisbane like?

Brisbane has a wide variety of restaurants throughout the city. You can find anything you may want, whether it is authentic Australian pubs, hand-crafted coffee, or international restaurants.

Al fresco and rooftop dining are always options because to the abundance of fresh, regionally produced food and the mild weather for most of the year.

Brisbane has a robust cultural community and is known especially for its abundance of live music venues. The South Bank neighborhood of Brisbane is a notable hub for entertainment, featuring 17 hectares of lovely parkland, galleries, restaurants, event venues, and more.

What’s the average cost of living in Brisbane?

Brisbane generally has cheaper living expenses than Australia’s other major cities, so your money will go a lot farther there.

The typical student budget for a single person in Brisbane might be between AUD 400 and AUD 1,000 per week. This covers expenses such as rent, utilities, food, travel, and other living expenses.

Before beginning their studies in Australia, international students must show the Australian Department of Home Affairs that they have access to at least AUD 21,041 annually. This is the same as $1,753 AUD every month.

Student Accommodation Brisbane

Secure your student rental housing in Brisbane with if you want to learn and experience the best of Australia . Find out more about our student housing options and the educational institutions in the area if you’re moving to the city from abroad or another region of Australia.

So, you’ve decided to study in Brisbane – congratulations! Now it’s time to find the right student accommodation Brisbane. When you’re an international student in Brisbane,finding a home away from home is not that difficult, there are plenty of options. Although accommodations of all types are available in abundance throughout Brisbane, it’s important to ensure you find a place that suits all your requirements. Students have the option of staying at student residences, or they can opt to live in an apartment. Most students share with existing students or look for shared apartments. Depending on the location and type of accommodation you choose, rental prices may vary.

At we have a great selection of international student accommodation Brisbane.  We can help with affordable student accommodation and student rentals Brisbane. We have a large selection of student rooms Brisbane, shared apartments, and student apartments Brisbane. Our selection of rooms, studios and apartments are all located in safe and attractive neighbourhoods known to be popular among students and young professionals. Browse our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us. Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.

We will assist you in making the transition to living in Brisbane a breeze, whether you wish to focus on your studies in a studio or make new friends in a shared apartment. Brisbane student life, we got you covered!


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