The Ultimate Guide to Canberra’s Student Life

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Are you thinking of studying in Canberra, Australia? Congratulations! 

Canberra is a great location for your international studies. Some of the nation’s top colleges, a strong artistic community, and Parliament House (where Australia’s government meets) may all be found in Australia’s capital city.

The skyline of Canberra is dominated by wilderness rather than tall skyscrapers, in contrast to some of Australia’s larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. This incredibly liveable city is a fantastic place to appreciate Australia’s natural beauty while you study thanks to its tranquil nature reserves.

Canberra’s Location

The largest inland city in Australia, Canberra is located in the southeast of the continent. It is a portion of its territory, the National Capital Territory, which is close to Sydney and is situated inside the state of New South Wales. Canberra is a wonderful starting point from which to see Australia because Melbourne and the east coast are both relatively close by.

Every year, Canberra welcomes numerous tourists from abroad, including students. This helps to create a vibrant, global atmosphere with lots of nightlife and entertainment options and one of the lowest crime rates in the nation.

Beautiful parks and lakeside walks may be found around the city, and just outside of Canberra are animal preserves, bushland hikes, undeveloped beaches, and in the winter, ski slopes.

Canberra’s Universities

Canberra has quickly emerged as one of Australia’s top options for higher education. It boasts five universities that draw a sizable number of international students and offer them degrees that are respected around the globe.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, the Australian National University is ranked as the top university in Australia and 27th globally. It provides instruction in a variety of specializations through seven academic colleges. Additionally, it’s regarded as one of the Australian universities with the highest employment prospects for graduates.

The Canberra Institute of Technology is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, small class sizes, and high caliber technical and vocational certifications. Excellent connections to local and national industry enable it to

Due to its integrated learning style and knowledgeable personnel, the University of Canberra is regarded as one of the greatest universities in the world and is well-liked by international students. It provides a range of undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

Your study possibilities are further expanded by the fact that Canberra is also home to the Australian Catholic University and the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

 Canberra’s transportation – how to get around the city

The city of Canberra is simple to navigate. thanks to its well-connected public transportation system and contemporary urban planning. When you’re not exploring the city on foot or by bicycle, you can use buses and light rail connections to get around Canberra.

In Canberra, buses even have bike racks so that you can board and exit the vehicle while still cycling. From Canberra Airport, you may fly both domestically and internationally.

What’s the food and entertainment scene in Canberra like?

When it comes to leisure and activities, Canberra is occasionally under appreciated, yet the city is brimming with undiscovered gems, from restaurants and bars to wildlife sanctuaries and outdoor sports.

The city is renowned for its nightlife, providing students with a variety of chic cafes, pubs, and clubs for later in the evening.

Canberra has a thriving restaurant industry, offering a variety of sustainable and multicultural culinary alternatives throughout the city as well as fine dining establishments with a stellar reputation around the world.

What’s the cost of living in Canberra?

While living in Canberra as a student might be reasonably priced, particular activities and inner-city living may require more of your student budget than in other Australian cities. But compared to Canberra’s bigger neighbors, like Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll probably be able to get a little more for your money here.

You could anticipate spending between AUD 600 and AUD 1,200 per week as a single international student living in Canberra. This includes the majority of other living expenses in addition to rent and utilities. Depending on your lifestyle and the sort of housing you choose while residing in Canberra, this may change.

Student Accommodation Canberra

Secure your student rental housing in Canberra with if you want to learn and experience the best of Australia . Find out more about our student housing options and the educational institutions in the area if you’re moving to the city from abroad or another region of Australia.

So, you’ve decided to study in Canberra – congratulations! Now it’s time to find the right student accommodation Canberra. When you’re an international student in Canberra ,finding a home away from home is not that difficult, there are plenty of options. Although accommodations of all types are available in abundance throughout Canberra, it’s important to ensure you find a place that suits all your requirements. Students have the option of staying at student residences, or they can opt to live in an apartment. Most students share with existing students or look for shared apartments. Depending on the location and type of accommodation you choose, rental prices may vary.

At we have a great selection of international student accommodation Canberra.  We can help with affordable student accommodation and student rentals Canberra. We have a large selection of student rooms Canberra, shared apartments, and student apartments Canberra. Our selection of rooms, studios and apartments are all located in safe and attractive neighbourhoods known to be popular among students and young professionals. Browse our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us. Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.

Student Room Rentals has student accommodation in Canberra near many of the city’s premier universities. Check out our student apartments to find a new home close to your classes.


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