Why You Should Consider An Internship In Lisbon

Internship Lisbon ? The capital of Portugal, has over the past few years become an international hotspot for both students and expats. Lisbon is perfectly situated on the coast and boasts great views from its hilly streets. Known for its beautiful architecture, decorative ceramic tiles and colorful buildings, Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe.

Interns in Lisbon will have a front row seat to observe the city’s bustling social scenes and multti-cultrual influences. It’s not hard to see how the city has become a popular city for expats with one of Europe’s lowest crime rates, plenty of sunshine, and a relaxing way of life. The city centre is now home to many newly renovated chic apartments available for rent which are still compatible affordable compared to many other European capitals. 

Companies in Lisbon are offering both full-time and part-time internship placements across a wide range of career fields. Some of the most popular are in fashion, international business, marketing, and international politics. There are also many opportunities for English speakers, although Portugese is highly recommended to learn. 

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve listed five reasons why Lisbon is the perfect city to do an internship. 

  1. The many diverse and colurful neighbourhoods 

Although Lisbon is a comparativly a small city, it’s made up of plenty of different neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character. Living and working in Lisbon will keep you entertained fo months since travelling between the different areas is convenient and cheap using public transport. You might decide to live in one part of the city and work in another part which allows you to experience various neighbourhoods and all they have to offer. Some neighbourhoods, like Cais do Sodré and the Bairro Alto, are great for the nightlife, but may not be the best neighbourhood to live in. Alfama is one of the most popular neighbourhoods but might be too busy for some. Santos, for example, is popular with art lovers and especially art students. It offers a great mix of sophistication, tradition and history. Whereas Cais do Sodré has become increasingly popular among partygoers with its many exciting and fun bars and restaurants. Read our guide to Lisbon’s neighbourhoods here. 


2. Internship Lisbon: It’s easy to travel around Europe 

Lisbon boasts wonderful public transportation options, and not too big or small; it has the perfect dimension. So if you do your internship in Lisbon, you can walk almost everywhere and everything is located close by. Lisbon also has affordable flights to other European cities making it easy to get around. Weekend trips in fabulous places like Rome, Bucharest and Madrid is a great way to get the most out of your time off. Lisbon is also well connected to other pars of Portugal such as Algarve in the south which is a beautiful area to discover. 

  1. Paid internship for English speakers

In Lismon, a trainee can be either a student, a jobseeker or a freshly graduated young person. In general, the internship can last from 1 to 12 months, and is rarely paid for less than 3 months. Nevertheless, the remuneration can sometimes be negotiated and can reach 900 euros per month in certain large groups and companies.

Many English speaking companies are present in Portugal and can be a direct and simpler solution for your internship research. You can find the contact information and the names of the contact persons directly on the website of the foreign Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  1. Favorable Climate

As most of us would know, the climate in Portugal is famous around the world and this makes a significant contribution to making Lisbon a popular city for expats and students. With no snowfall during winter and temperatures never falling below zero and clear blue skies, it is certainly a city for sunseekers. 

Lisbon has four seasonal; the winters are damp and humid and the summers dry and hot. However, the spring arrives early and you can head to the beach in March all the way to October since the summers last longer. 

Thanks to Lisbon’s geographic position the city has more light than other European cities, all around the year. This is thanks to a high solar radiation index, and the hills reflect the sun’s light.

So if grey skies aren’t for you, sunny Lisbon might be your city of choice. After all, sunlight boosts health and improves the lifestyle. 

5. Affordable And Delicious Food 

Compared to other capital cities in Europe, Lisbon is still comparably cheap which includes the food. Apart from transportation and essentials, you can find high-quality food in the supermarkets at affordable prices in Lisbon. And, if cooking at home isn’t for you, there are a plethora of bars, restaurants, and cafes offering fresh, delicious food which wont break the bank.

Affordable student accommodation in Lisbon

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