Study in Copenhagen: Our international student guide to the Danish capital

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Copenhagen, is a hidden treasure. While London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona are all popular study abroad cities, Copenhagen is often overlooked when it has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, activities, and — of course, educational opportunities. 

So, if you want to study in Copenhagen where the people are happy and the quality of life is high, the beautiful Nordic capital of Denmark is the perfect place. The Scandinavian city is known for its welcoming culture and the locals love for ‘hygge’, or cosy social gatherings with family and friends, making it easy for the 34,000 international students to feel at home. The Copenhagen study abroad experience will be like no other. 

This spirit of inclusivity along with high-quality education programs, make a university degree from Denmark an attractive prospect for both EU and non-EU students alike. In fact, Denmark is consistently featured on the list of top 10 countries in Europe to study abroad, and is ranked #12 in the world. The Nordic county is ranking especially high when it comes to self-development (#2) and achieving career goals (ranked #3 in Europe). 

Copenhagen is also known for its creativity, and innovation which is a focus at the Danish universities. Leading the way when it comes to cutting-edge art, furniture, and fashion, Denmark also puts a focus on sustainability. The capital city is a ‘green city’ where a lot of emphases is placed on environmental consciousness which means the most popular form of transportation is riding bikes! 

Student Life Copenhagen

Study in Copenhagen is a great experience for international students but what makes student life Copenhagen so special?

Firstly, aside from everything that the city has to offer in terms of attractions, parks, and events there are many student-specific places to hang out which are great for meeting other students. 

The Royal Danish Library is a great spot for quiet studies in a beautiful building, meeting local students, and grabbing a coffee from the on-site café. Studenterhuset is another popular student spot and is run by Copenhagen’s student union where students from around the world volunteer. It’s a great place to have cheap coffee and food in an international atmosphere. Another great spot is the Paludan Book Café which is the “World’s Oldest Book Café” located on a street famous for antique and specialist books. It’s the perfect spot for group work, coffee, food, and people-watching.

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Food and entertainment in Copenhagen 

Students in Copenhagen can enjoy student discounts at many restaurants. Ensure to ask about student discounts at popular dining places such as Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s and The Bronx Burger Bar. 

For those wanting to explore the city’s many museums and attractions, there are often free admissions for students or heavily discounted entry prices. Check on the relevant websites or ask when you buy tickets. Other student hangouts and bars/pubs in student areas usually have great offers, too.

For students looking for entertainment, the Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park right in the centre of Copenhagen. It is a spectacular garden, beautiful in each season, there are great historic architecture, restaurants and cafes and a wooden roller coaster from 1914! The Tivoli is open all year round and is especially beautiful around Christmas time. 

A perfect weekend activity for foodies is to visit the food market – Torvehallerne. It is a food destination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and there are also stalls selling local produce such as Danish delicacies, local vegetables, fresh fish and much more. Another great spot to get your tastebuds tingling is Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food which is the largest food venue in Scandinavia where visitors can enjoy delicious food, cheap cocktails and a great view of the water.

Transport in Copenhagen – Get on a bike!

Cycling is the most popular form of transport in the Scandinavian capital. It’s not just good for the environment it’s also a very affordable way to travel around the city. 

However, for those who need to use public transport, there are student discounts available. Read about the ‘ungdomskort’ guidelines online. 

Many students in Copenhagen also take advantage of studying in Europe by exploring other nearby countries. Several Scandinavian airlines such as SAS and Norweigian Air offer highly discounted youth tickets for students under the age of 26. The discount can be applied directly on the airline website, and proof of age will need to be presented at the check-in counter.

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Cost of living in Copenhagen

Like all Scandinavian cities, living costs in Copenhagen, in general, are quite high. Setting up a budget for your time abroad is a great way to keep track of your expenses. Food prices can vary significantly between supermarkets and eating out can be expensive, however, there are some cheap eats available all across the city. 

Future Job Opportunities in Copenhagen

There are also many future job opportunities for international students with the workforce in Denmark currently facing a skills shortage in certain areas such as science, teaching, engineering, medicine, finance, management, law, IT, and healthcare. For graduate students with qualifications in those areas, the prospect of finding a local job is very likely.

Student Accommodation Copenhagen

So, you’ve decided to study in Copenhagen now it’s time to find the right student accommodation. When looking for a student house Copenhagen ther are some things to consider such as the location and nearby facilities, the distance to where you will be studying, access to public transport and bicycle routes, and of course the price.

At we have a great selection of international student accommodation Copenhagen. We can help with affordable student accommodation and student residences copenhagen. We have a large selection of student rooms, shared apartments, and student studios in Copenhagen. Our selection of rooms, studios and apartments are all located in safe and attractive neighbourhoods known to be popular among students and young professionals. Browse through our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us. Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.



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