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student life new york

Student life New York ? It’s one of the world’s most well-known and dazzling cities – a statement most people would agree with. There’s a good reason why New York is known as “the city that never sleeps”, the city’s culture and metropolitan lifestyle makes it an exciting and dynamic hotspot for people from all over the world. NYC, or ‘the big apple’ is a fast phased place where driven people thrive, making it an ideal destination for ambitious students. In fact, more than half a million college students already call New York City home. To give you a head start, we’ve rounded up some of the key things you need to know if you’re considering studying in America’s most populated city…

What are the best universities in New York for international students?

If you’re thinking about studying in New York, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which university you will apply to. Although there are plenty of study options available in this buzzing metropolitan city, we’ve listed three of the best for international students to consider; New York University, Columbia University, and Cornell University.

Cool things to do in New York City

New York is one of most vibrant, busy, and cool cultural cities in the world. International students will always find exciting things to do here since the city is  home to countless attractions, restaurants, bars and must-see places like museums, art galleries, and theatres. 

When you aren’t busy studying, New York will definitely keep you entertained, and the good news is – many of them are for free. Explore the green and massive Central Park, the city’s many such as The Metropolitan Museum, which has a “pay what you wish” policy, and the Museum of Modern Art – free to visit on Fridays after 4 pm. 

Some of the city’s attractions and entertainment will of course require you to spend some money, but given how cool they are, they are definitley worth it. For example, check out New York’s iconic skyscrapers, either the Empire State Building or the One World Observatory, and soak in the breathtaking views (it’s almost like being in a movie). And, make sure you at least go to one Broadway show, tickets are expensive but there are also smaller off-Broadway theatres that sell cheaper tickets.

student life in new york

It’s worth checking with your university if they offer discount programs for students. For example, New York University’s Museum Gateway  offers free museum access to NYU students. You can also use the New York City Pass to visit more than 115 of the city’s best sights and attractions at no extra cost. 

Restaurants, cafés, and bars in New York

Part of what makes New York City so vibrant is the city’s restaurant and bar scene. The city is home to top-notch restaurants including more than 70 Michelin-starred restaurants to a plethora of numerous budget-friendly eateries perfect for student budgets. 

Some famous foodie places to check out are  Prince Street Pizza, where many celebrities have dined and Gray’s Papaya, a great spot where you can get two hotdogs and a drink for less than $5. Also, the city is famous for its donuts and Italian restaurants. And, of course, the nightlight. But before hitting all the cool bars remember that the legal drinking age in America is 21. There are also a bunch of cool sports bars and not to mention all the quirky and cosy cafes catering to everyone’s taste. 

studentlife in new york

Which Area To Live In New York City as a student

New York is the most populous city in the U.S., with 8.8 million people living within its 305 square miles making it a compact city. There are five distinct boroughs within the city including; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. You’ve probably heard of them from American movies and they are all distinctly different. Hipsters tend to flock to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, actors and musicians to Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, and for those looking for waterfront relaxation Queens’ Bayside is a popular spot. The rent varies between the neighbourhoods and Manhattan tends to be most expensive. There are train lines connecting all parts of the city, however it’s recommended to try to find your accommodation fairly close to your university. This saves you both time and money 

Student Accommodation New York 

So, you’ve decided to study in New York City – congratulations! Now it’s time to find the right student accommodation New York. When you’re an international student in New York, finding a home away from home is not that difficult, however, we recommend finding housing near your university since it’s a big city to avoid unnecessary long commutes. Although accommodations of all types are available in abundance throughout New York, it’s also an expensive city so to ensure you find a place that suits your budget make sure you book your student room in advance. Students have the option of staying at one of our partner student residences, or they can opt to live in an apartment. Most students share with existing students or look for shared apartments. Depending on the location and type of accommodation you choose, rental prices may vary.

At we have a great selection of international student accommodation New York. We can help with affordable student accommodation and student rentals New York. We have a large selection of student rooms New York, shared apartments, and student apartments New York. Our selection of rooms, studios and apartments are all located in safe and attractive neighbourhoods known to be popular among students and young professionals. Browse our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us. Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.


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