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How to adapt to UK culture ? Are you looking to study in London? The benefits of studying abroad are endless and international students from all around the world flock to the UK for their higher education (read our guide for Indian students studying in the UK). By studying in the U.K., you can gain access to the highest quality of teaching, especially when you enroll at the right university that best suits your interests and strengths. As an international student, you also get to experience British culture, taste the local food, and make new friends. In many cases, you’ll be able to fast-track your career goals upon graduating from a respectable U.K. university.   

The U.K has a deep tradition rooted in its impressive educational infrastructures which include superior teaching methodology, world-class research, diverse cultures, and rich heritage. Studying in UK is a great opportunity since the UK’s higher education has a remarkable international reputation making the UK degree globally recognised. Many British universities boast a 95-97 % employability rate. According to QS World University Rankings 2021 the top-ranked universities are; the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, UCL, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Manchester, and King’s College London.

The UK culture and what you need to know

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As every country has its own culture and customs so has the UK. There are several unspoken rules and etiquette in the UK which can be a minefield for the untrained. Interesting isn’t it? it’s a coding language we always say.

The Brits put great emphasis on politeness and other unspoken rules that are often expected to be adhered to are;  punctuality – if you’re due to meet someone but are running more than five minutes late then you should let them know if possible, queuing (which they are famous for!) and making small talk when first introduced to someone (you can always talk about the weather, it might be a cliche but it’s always positively received). 

When it comes to the language, accents and dialects often vary throughout the UK. A person hailing from Manchester will sound completely different to someone from Bristol, for instance. Accents can even change depending on which area you are living in, in London. Traditionally, schools used to teach the ‘Queen’s English’ which is regarded as a very non-accent, crip and clean accent which you will often hear on TV and the radio. Although regional accents have become more common in mainstream media over the years. 

The UK is also famous for its sense of humour and banter. This ranges from the silly and absurd to the bitingly satirical and dry. It’s not surprising that some of the most popular and well-known comedies are hailing from the U.K. Think Monty Phyton, Mr Bean and Faulty Towers.

Brits like to find the humour in dark situations, so you may notice your new English friends using a fair amount of sarcasm in conversation. And teasing each other is very common which is actually a way to show affection between friends, colleagues and family members, but can for the untrained come across as harsh. 

When it comes to food, Brits are known for their love of tea, scones and fish and chips. The lunch is usually light including a sandwich or a salad is often eaten in front of the desk or on the go. This can be surprising for many international students who might be used to a cooked meal for lunch including a dessert. Instead, the Brits tend to enjoy a hot meal for dinner instead. 

Student Accommodation UK

So you’ve decided to study in the UK? Now it’s time to find your perfect student accommodation UK. University Hotels are usually most popular among undergraduate students in their first year whilst studying in the UK. It can be a comfortable stay for students who prefer living inside the university campus and it also makes it convenient to go to class and also to make new friends from all around the world. Some university hotels provide meals including full board and some don’t. There are also different student room options including single rooms and shared rooms where a private room will cost more.

We have a great selection of student accommodation options in the UK from affordable studios in Wembley (read our guide to Wembley), to cheap rooms in Portsmouth (read our guide to Portsmouth) and luxury rooms in London. 

At our stylish and luxury student accommodation London is in some of the best spots in the city. Some of our luxury studios include;

Kirby Street Residence | Premium 4 Penthouse Terrace, €685/ week

This Premium 4 Studio Terrace Apartments are located on the top floor of the student residences. It’s approximately 36.9 square meters including a balcony, the penthouse has a separate sleeping area, a private bathroom, and a large living area with a fully equipped kitchen/dining area. There is also a terrace with views of St. Paul and East London. Click here for more info + Booking

Kings Cross Residence | Bronze Studio Plus Upper-Level Premium View, €500/ week

Located in the cultural center of King’s Cross, this modern dormitory offers stunning views of London and its surroundings, including some of the world’s most famous companies, including Google. Ideally located just a few minutes’ walk from Kings Cross St Pancras Station, residents have easy access to all of London’s universities. Click here for more info + booking

Therese House Studio, €485/ week

Living in Therese House, you’ll be centrally located in Zone 1, just two minutes from Barbican tube station. Despite being in the city centre, Therese House is on a quiet street, so you’ll still have the benefits of relaxed and quiet study time. Click here for more info + booking

At we can help with student accommodation in the UK. We have a large selection of luxury student rooms, shared apartments, and private studios. Browse through our accommodation options and learn more about how easy, hassle-free and safe it is to book with us.

Or contact our friendly customer support team and let them help you to start the process of finding your perfect student accommodation today.


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