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Best areas to live in lisbon ? The capital of Portugal, has over the past few years become an international hotspot for both students and expats. And with one of Europe’s lowest crime rates, plenty of sunshine, beautiful architecture and a relaxing way of life, it’s not hard to see why. The city centre is now home to many newly renovated flats which are still compatible affordable compared to many other European capitals. However, if you are heading to Portugal to study, what are the best  neighborhoods to live in Lisbon? The answer will depend on what you’re looking for. We’ve rounded up some of the best student areas to help you get started with your student accommodation search for Lisbon. 

What are the best areas to live in Lisbon?

Although Lisbon is a comparativly a small city, it’s made up of plenty of different neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character. So, what are teh best areas to live in Lisbon?

Firstly, it’s important to establish what you are mostly interested in. Different neighbourhoods offer different things. Some neighbourhoods, like Cais do Sodré and the Bairro Alto, are great for the nightlife, but may not be the best neighbourhood to live in. Alfama is one of the most popular neighbourhoods but might be too busy for some. When deciding on where to live in Lisbon it’s important to get to know the different neighbourhoods in order to make the right decision for you. We’ve listed seven of the most popular student neighbourhoods in Lisbon for you to get a feel for what the Portugese city has to offer; 

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Santos – for art lovers 

Santos is an area that is fairly quiet and non-touristic. Located outside the city centre the residential neighbourhood is less crowded, however it still has lots of restaurants and cafes. Perhaps most known for its design school, IADE, and its design shops, Santos is popular with art lovers and especially art students. It offers a great mix of sophistication, tradition and history. 

Cais do Sodré – Famous for its ‘Pink Street’ 

The new party block! For many years Bairro Alto has been the area for nightlife, however over the past few years Cais do Sodré has become increasingly popular among partygoers with its many exciting and fun bars and restaurants. Famous for its ‘Pink Street’ this neighbourhood is popular among students who are looking to let their hair down in the evenings and enjoy the bustling nightlife of Lisbon. 

Principe Real – Saturday Farmers’ Market

For those looking to live close to the action and nightlife of Bairro Alto, yet not directly in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, Principe Real is a great option. The popular neighbourhood is made up of trendy boutiques and restaurants and offers plenty to see and do. The area has a beautiful park offering an incredible view of the city and the cobblestone streets are perfect for a midday stroll. Every Saturday morning there’s a farmers’ market selling local produce from all over Portual as well as organic and health-conscious food. Wander around the stalls on the weekend and soak up the lovely atmosphere. 

Alfama – Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood

Alfama is the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon and the layout of its narrow streets is almost like a maze. It’s known for its fado houses, and its traditional vibe. Over the past few years Alfama has become increasingly touristic and the house prices are a true reflection of the areas popularity. For those who are looking for a very ‘Portugese’ neighbourhood and who can afford it, Alfama is a great place to live. The rental prices here are higher compared to neighbouring areas so deep pockets are required to stay in this popular spot. 

Martim Moniz – a multicultural melting pot

Martim Moniz is a beautiful neighbourhood with plenty of fountains and a stunning view of the São Jorge Castle. It’s also an area where many different cultures and ethnic groups live together. Considered the Portuguese “Chinatown”, thanks to its many Asian restaurants there are also African, Italian, and Portuguese places to eat. For those who like shopping, there are Nossa Senhora da Saúde, Martim Moniz and the Mouraria Shopping Centres right at your doorstep. 

Intendente – Fastest growing student neighborhood

This area has become one of the fastest growing student neighborhoods in Lisbon. It’s still affordable with cheap rental prices and although some people might consider the neighbourhood a bit ‘rough’, others would say it offers incredible value for money. And given the large number of young residents, the area is also one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Lisbon right now. Here skaters and street artists flock to hang out and soak up the bustling energy. 

Bairro Alto – The best neighborhood for nightlife

The Bairro Alto is known as the area for a pumping nightlife. The neighbourhood is made up of hundreds of tiny bars, as well as restaurants and shops. It’s somewhere you go to grab a cheap beer or caipirinha, and meet up with friends to socialise. There is even a special corner where Erasmus students tend to hang out – Bairro Alto Erasmus corner. 

The area is very quiet during the day but comes alive at night. For those looking to live right where the action is, there are plenty of apartments to rent along the busy streets. 

Affordable student accommodation in Lisbon

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